1CrysAC workshop - Provenance Studies in Art and Cultural Heritage10:00Slovak National Gallery
3Welcome Soireé18:00Slovak National Gallery
1Registration08:00 Bratislava Castle
2Opening of the conference Radko Tiňo , Elena Badea 09:00
3Chemistry Europe Wiley09:30
4When chemistry meets other disciplines in heritage science. Invited Lecture.Łukasz Bratasz 09:40
5Coffee break10:10Lobby
6Dealing with complex data in the characterisation of cultural heritage materials: the power of multivariate analysis. Invited lecture.Paolo Oliveri 10:30
7Evidence of transverse ion migration mechanisms in the early stages of drying oil paint films using complementary analytical techniquesMargherita Gnemmi 11:00
8The potential of OrbiSIMS for investigating dyes in archeological textiles Jennifer M.K. Wakefield 15:15
9Proteomics for SafeSilk: mass spectrometry-based protein sequencing to study the effect of weighting on museum silk objectsFabiana Di Gianvincenzo 11:30
10Inside the patina of archeological metal coins: LA-ICP-MS as micro-destructive method of study corrosion evolutionEdoardo Tartaglia 11:45
11Lunch Break12:00Lobby
12Thermal and thermooxidative stability of materials - assesment and predictions. Invited lecturePeter Šimon 13:00
13The power of swabs: non-destructive surface analysis of heritage PVCTjaša Rijavec 13:20
14Study of degradation of mixed model systems consisting of plasticized polyvinyl chloride and lignocellulosic materialSimona Klempová 13:35
15Degradation by dehydrochlorination of poly(vinyl chloride) heritage objectsŠpela Pok 13:50
16An optimized multi-analytical protocol for identifying colorants in p-PVC: focus on the Hangings Series (1968-1986) by Kiki KogelnikTeodora Raicu 14:05
17The interaction between musical instrument steel strings and cellulose nitrateVera de Bruyn-Ouboter 14:20
18Coffee Break14:35Lobby
19The value of damage. Invited lecture.Noëlle L. W. Streeton 14:55
20Cumengeite formation in model samples investigated by synchrotron micro-x-ray diffraction. Keynote lecture.Ermanno Avranovich Clerici 15:25
21Stabilization of verdigris pigment on paper documentsJasna Malešič 15:45
22Proteomic approaches for studying the degradation of egg proteins in polychrome layersElena C. L. Rigante 16:00
23Mercury soaps in paintings: From suspicion to analytical confirmation and risk assessmentSilvie Švarcová 16:15
24Coffee Break16:30Lobby
25Chemical evolution of oil paints under different hygrothermal ageing conditionsSander van Lith 16:50
26"Ladies" by Antonio Saura: chemical aspects behind cracks observed in five black and white female representationsFrancesca Caterina Izzo 17:05
27Evaluating the light-induced damage of dyed silk textiles Ludovico Geminiani 17:20
28Influence of tin weighting on silk acidification, colour change and structural modification induced by accelerated degradation Ibrahim Elrefaey 17:35
29WP CHEMCH Annual Meeting18:00Lobby
1The microbiological and molecular biology perspective on material ecology in art and conservation. Invited lecture.Katja Sterflinger 9:00
2The GoGreen project: developments of green technologies for preventive and remedial conservation practicsKatrien Keune 9:30
3New materials for the conservation of cultural heritage: the GREENART EU projectGiovanna Poggi 9:50
4MOXY ProjectMarta Cremonesi 10:10
5Coffee Break10:30Lobby
6 Development of novel green cleaning systems for the removal of dammar varnish from paintingsBurcu Keser 11:00
7Nanocellulose aerogels and hydrogels as new generation materials for the green transition in painting conservationMaite Maguregui 11:15
8Nanocellulose-stabilized oil-in-water pickering emulsions for removing natural resin varnishes from canvas paintingsMaria Rita Caruso 11:30
9Development of green strategies for the cleaning of street art and paintingsRocco Mazzeo 11:45
10Study of sustainable corrosion inhibitors in new acrylic coatings for outdoor bronze artworksGiulia Pellis 12:00
11Erratic cultural heritage as a monitoring tool for environmental and anthropic impact in the city of Venice Margherita Zucchelli 12:15
12Lunch Break12:30Lobby
14Poster Session Flash Presentations13:45
15Poster Session + Cofee Break15:45Lobby
16Excursions 16:30Slovak National Gallery / Bratislava Castle
17Conference Joint Dinner19:00Lobby of Riding Winter Hall - Bratislava Castle
1HSI/multispectral imaging/chemical imaging - invited talk TBD. Invited LectureJon Y. Hardeberg 9:00
2Multi-scale multi-technique characterization approach to reveal the secrets of corami (gilt and painted leather) wall coverings from Chigi Palace, Italy Elena Badea 9:30
3Lanolin, a possible archaeological biomarker of ancient sheep shearing Francesco Caruso 9:45
4Non-destructive dating of medieval manuscripts with infrared spectroscopyHend Mahgoub 10:00
5Coffee Break10:15Lobby
6A multidisciplinary approach combining sensory and TD-GC-MS-O analysis to characterize the smell of Ancient Egyptian mummified bodiesEmma Paolin 10:35
7Toratom device in conservation services - case studies of recent x-ray investigation into baroque oil paintings Luboš Machačko 10:55
8Characterization of the tin relief decorations on the Van Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece as part of the third phase of restoration: a study by MA-XRF, SEM-EDX, SR-XDS and SR-XRF Sophie Kirkpatrick 11:10
9Trace elements analysis in provenance studies of pigments in paint layers: examples of applicationZdeňka Čermáková 11:25
10Cerulean Blue. Not a simple storyVáclava Antušková 11:40
11Unveling the material evolution of urban art: analyzing mural stratigraphies from the Graffiti Alley (Ghent, Belgium) and the Galeria de Arte Urbana (Lisbon, Portugal)Jacopo La Nasa 11:55
12Lunch Break12:10Lobby
13Complimentary Documentations and Multi-modal Representations of Written Heritage. Keynote lectureWilfried Vetter 13:10
14Revolutionizing art authentication with artificial intelligenceBarbara Łydżba-Kopczyńska 13:30
15Pre historical mobility and interaction networks - a non destructive methodological approach to carbonate-rich remarkable artefactsAna Luísa Rodrigues 13:45
16Evaluation of the relevance of varnishes as a means of preventive and curative conservation for plasticized PVC objectsMathilde Larrieu 14:00
17Nine principles of green heritage science for sustainable practices and quantifiable impacts Abdelrazek Elnaggar 14:15
18Ion beams tailored for cultural heritageMihai Straticiuc 14:30
19Odotheka - olfactory heritage research: capture, reconstruction and conservation of historic smellsTomasz Sawoszczuk 14:45
20Coffee Break15:00Lobby
21Unlocking the manufacturing secrets of Maison Goupil's prints: Non-inasive analysis of its mechanical reproductionsFrancesca Galluzzi 15:30
22Dynamic mechanical properties of heritage materialsKatarzyna Poznańska 15:45
23Preserving carbonate rocks surfaces: a novel organophosphonate approachSimone Murgia 16:00
24Assessment of tarnished silver test systems prepared with bio-based greenQing Wu 16:15
25Shedding light on the waterproofing technology of historical carriages, A multi-analytical approachAndrea Marchetti 16:30
26Ritual revealed: Psychotropic substances in a Ptolemaic Egyptian vaseEnrico Greco 16:45
27Poster Awards and the Final RemarksRadko Tiňo , Elena Badea 17:00
1Excursion9:30Devin Castle