To ensure the smooth running of the conference, it is important that active participants deliver their presentations in advance, at the latest before the beginning of the program block in which their contribution will be heard. The conference program is packed with time so it will not be possible to upload contributions just before the presentation. Authors are responsible for uploading a current version of their presentation.

The organizers encourage all active participants of the conference to test the timing of their presentations in advance and to strictly adhere to the time slots for their contributions.

For invited lectures, a maximum of 30 minutes is available, including discussion. For Keynote lectures, it is a maximum of 20 minutes including discussion, and for the other lectures it is a maximum of 15 minutes.

As it is clear from the program, there are no breaks between individual lectures, therefore it is not possible to speak more than the allotted time, and we ask the authors to prepare their contributions 1-2 minutes shorter, so that there are no shifts in the program. The chairmen of individual sections will check compliance with the set time and warn the lecturers about the approaching end of their lectures. Poster authors will be given 2 minutes for a Flash presentation of the poster for each poster, and then they will have time to explain during the regular poster session. All poster flash presentations must be uploaded before the start of the poster session.

Oral presentations

Oral presentations should have a maximum time of 12 minutes.
Three minutes are dedicated to Q&A.
The total time slot for each presentation is 15 minutes.
The presentation should be uploaded at least before the beginning of each session.
We consider Microsoft PowerPoint as a standard platform. Please contact us whether you would like to use another program.

Poster presentations

Due to the high number of subscribed posters, the time slot for each poster flash presentation is limited to 2 minutes and then there will be a time to explain posters during the regular poster session.
Each poster flash presentation should have a maximum of Five Microsoft PowerPoint slides (16:9 format).
The presenting authors are asked to upload the flash poster presentation before the beginning of the poster session.
For those who will attend the conference in person, we offer the possibility to display the poster in the Congress venue. The printed posters should be a maximum of 100 x120 cm.